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819-787-4959 Experience Komodo National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most stunning places on earth. Located on the equator but very arid and hilly - reminding one of the savannah rather than Indonesia. Incredible marine life, amazing scenery and of course the largest lizards in the world - Komodo Dragons.

Dive Tours

6149569802The Diving around the Komodo National Park is considered among the best in the world with pristine reefs, incredible macro and transient populations of massive pelagic species like Manta Rays. With strong, nutrient rich currents running through the park feeding the corals – you can expect nothing less than spectacular diving each time you enter the water. Dive sites that range from steep rocky drops with strong currents to vibrant reefs with pygmy seahorses, each kind of diver can find a little piece of heaven here.

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Komodo Park

Komodo Travel brings guests information about these Komodo BeachesKomodo National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site and quite simply a stunning place to visit for an unforgettable adventure. This park is located in the Eastern part of Indonesia and had been protected from development by the remote location. Now, as tourism develops, it is the work of the park rangers and the government to control the development of the park over the coming years. PArt of the protection comes in the form of rigid rules and regulations that prevent much potential damage


Komodo Dragons

(724) 441-2712Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizard on Earth. Due to an unusual intersection of weather and geology – they grew until this enormous size. Found nowhere else – the dragons can easily take down animals many times their size and they often feed on water buffalo and goats. They are so ravenous that they will eat the young of their species – forcing the young dragons to live in trees the first several years of their life! While they are dangerous and have attacked humans – with care and caution they can be seen on both Komodo and Rinca Islands

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